Should I text him now or later?

I really want to text this guy but we haven't talked in about a week...I've already initiated a couple times and I don't want to come off desperate. We went on three dates but they were a month ago then after the third date stopped texting then restarted and now we've stopped again (since Sunday). I want to see him again but I'm not sure if he does or not (the last date was great and he was into me, we were all cuddly and he gave me forehead kisses and walked me home and kissed me goodnight).

Anyway I just wanted to know whether or not I should text him or let him text me first and if he doesn't well then too bad move on?
If I do text him should I do it now or later?
I was thinking maybe text him really late at night cause that's pretty much the only time he answers texts right away and then if he doesn't seem into me I can say that I had come back from a party and was a bit tipsy....
i don't really know what to do, what do you think??


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  • text him now, what are you waiting for?

    • But what should I send him? I don't want to be the one who keeps texting first, and I don't want to just say hey

    • what's wrong with being the one who keeps texting first? Men do that almost all of the time, we are always supposed to make the first move, and i think you're smart enough to hold a conversation or invite him to some nice place

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  • My general rule is if you start the conversation twice in a row, you have to wait for him to start one. And if he doesn't start one within 10 days, he probably isn't interested in you as more than someone to talk to when you're bored. But that's just me!

    If you start a convo then he does, then you do and he hasn't responded since, then feel free to text him, but I feel like initiating three conversations in a row makes girls look desperate. With everyone thinking it's the guys job to text first you don't want to come off as needy.

    But I think you also need to keep in mind how the last conversation ended, if you just left him hanging in the middle of a conversation he might feel like he is bothering you and won't text first.

    So basically never text first twice in a row unless you didn't reply to the last text he sent and you could have (doesn't count if his last text was lol or k) :) hope this helped


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  • Noooo don't text him! Please don't text him! Deep inside u know u as a female shouldn't be the one constantly texting him. You're making it so easy for him right now. Guys like a challenge. Texting is stupid anyways. U better wait until he texts u. Don't say anything like " oh i thought you'd never text again". Girl don't text him. If he texts u, say you're busy and you'll try to text him later and that if he didn't receive a text from u, then he can call when he can. You'll answer if you're free. Guys like the chase! They'll never admit it though! Truuuuust me! Be a strong woman. Guys play games. So beat him at his own game.


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