Ladies have you ever dated or been attracted to an introverted guy?

I'm semi introvert/ moreso extrovert, definitely a people person but prefer silence and being to myself which is rather odd seeing how i won employee of the year for my outstanding people skills lol but thats besides the point

i am extremely fond of quiet shy, timid, laid back men, talkativeness drives me bananas, being that i am considerably quiet and reserved i find it hard to talk to an introverted man, for some time now i've been attracted to a certain fella, he's so handsome, not sure if he knows this, but he spoke to me twice and i can't help but stare, i admire his beautiful sweet humble persona from observation... i really want to get to know him, without him feeling pressured or attacked, he sits by himself as do i...

he studies me, smiled a few times but rarely speaks to anyone. shockingly he asked how i was doing one day.

and the irony of it all is that i attract the total opposite the chatty jocks lol

what should i do?

have you ever been in this situation ladies?
i absolutely admire introverted men, there is something mysterious about them that intrigues me, however i attract the total opposite of my type, i fancy him, who takes me breath away not because of his looks but his personality, humble spirited very kind , he spoke to me twice and semi smiled, im afraid i will ruin the chance to get to know him and run him away... he used to avoid me, i get the feeling he longs for someone to take the the time or have courage to get to know him


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  • To attract introverts, you have to be extremely extrovert otherwise things won't progress.

    Being an introvert, girls used to hint me by smiling a lot, being around me, trying to show me that they chose that place because of me, over-friendly and extremely approachable. If he still stays quiet, then you have to approach him yourself.

    Good Luck!

    • you don't have to be the extreme opposite. that may cause more issues. the last guy I dated was extremely out going and hated that I wasn't. other aspects of your personalities are much more important.

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    • awwhl you are most welcome =)

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  • I don't know, it doesn't make a difference to me.


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