How do I get her to friendzone me?

Yes, you read correctly! We are really cool with each other and she is out of my league (shes hot). I guess you can say we have something going on, but she is a bit complicated. I wouldn't mind dating her IF SHE asked me out. Personally, I wouldn't because as much as I like and respect her as a friend, I just don't have feelings for her. I made a big deal to a few friends about how much I like her but when me and her hung out, I literally felt no emotion towards her anymore. I think this girl likes my personality, and is just comfortable with me, but maybe she doesn't like me ? We hit off at the beginning and till today we are comfortable with each other. I also kind feel like she is using me for some attention but then again it feels like she genuinely wants me in her life somehow. How can I get her to think of me as just a really good friend? My guy friend was telling me to just hit and quit but I've never been that kind of guy, and this girl has shared some personal things with me and I wouldn't want to hurt her. Im not opposing the idea of me and her ever having something, I just wouldn't date her now. Lastly, I also really want to talk to the other girl in my class because she too seems to have some interest, and this whole thing is getting in the way. What do you think of my situation? Am I crazy?
Perhaps I could I get more answers if i update the question? I need help


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  • I know... Why not set up a date for her? Tell her you want to introduce her to a guy whom you think is a good match for her. Nothing says FRIENDZONE as much as this does!! Ha ha!

    A guy did this to me & it definitely confused me about his interest level in me. Except I think it's because he wasn't sure about my feelings towards him. I made it clear & now we're just flirting a lot & having fun. But that's also because I know how to trigger attraction in a man... ;)

    Just be careful, because this might cause her to push more, leading to you pulling away even further... Push & pull theory - that's life!

    By the way, NEVER feel that you're "out of her league". That's just bullshit society feeds you to bruise your self esteem. Confidence, at the end of the day, still remains a MAJOR determinant of attraction. NEVER underestimate it!!!

    • This is a pretty good method, but there is a lot more info which I left out and I'm sure it would require a bit more work.

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  • This seems way too complicated, just tell her you want to be friends. What is so hard about this?

    • Exactly, all he has to say is that he isn't interested in being more than friends, and either she will be ok with that or she won't want to be friends, simple.

    • Ok I now see your point @shadowlegend
      I think its a bit more complicated than that because there is a lot more info I left out which doesn't leave this as the best option.

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  • Short answer, you can't. If you want to understand why, read this @

    • I think you misread my question. I WANT her to FRIENDZONE me.

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    • I want to be in the friendzone. I want her to see me as only a good friend and not as a potential partner. Do you understand? That blogpost or whatever that is, is for people who are in the friendzone. I read it and it doesn't come close to my situation. Sorry, but I appreciate your opinion.

    • No it's not, it's actually about how the "friendzone" is not a "place" that someone can be put in or choose to be in, either be her friend or don't. If she wants more then say no, and she'll decide if she wants to remain friends or not. It's that simple.

  • Drop hints that she's your friend. If she's starting to like you, especially for your personality than its pretty much 60% a done deal. 95% if she's attracted to you too.

    But you said you wouldn't mind dating her later? I'd say make it known your interested in the ither girl. That way she knows your unavailable at the moment.

    • But what if she gets jealous and has genuine feelings for me? The reason I want to be friend zoned is because I want to save myself from being rejected. What if I tell her that I like someone else and she actually likes me?

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    • I wouldn't mind being her boyfriend because we have a lot in common. I do think she is hot, but that wouldn't be the reason why I would date her. Im sorry I wrote like I have mixed feelings, but its because I do. The reason I would go for the other girl is because a part of me is telling me that she doesn't see me as a potential partner and the reason I wrote that I would date her is because another part of me is sensing that actually likes me. I am torn between emotions. I like her then I don't, then I like her, then I don't. I don't understand my situation because there is more to it.

    • If your afraid she might not like you, go for her then. Drop hints, ask her out somewhere if you want to be upfront about it. See how she reacts. If you sense that she doesn't like you like that then move on.

      I've been in your friends position before. But with me, I never thought about him as a boyfriend. When he told me it took me awhile to come around, but it worked out.

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  • Be nice to her in kindaa boring way... Talk to her about other girls you like.. Work for me every time.

  • Start calling her "bro"


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