Should I ask him to be my boyfriend?

So me and this guy have been "talking"/dating for about 3 months. We're really close and we know we are more than friends. Lately, we've both kinda been dancing around the idea of what we "officially" are, and how we're not "officially boyfriend/girlfriend". (We act like it though, we both know if he asks I'll say yes). So he's been hinting at needing to ask the girl of his dreams to be his girlfriend, i've been hinting at yes, do it already. But I think he's a bit shy, or maybe he's waiting for the perfect moment to do it, I don't know.

What would he think if I were the one to ask him to be my boyfriend? We're both adults, in our 20s. Just thought it might be cute :P But would this ruin his manliness? Lol


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  • Wait maybe another month, give him a chance to ask if he wants to do it in a special way. Otherwise just ask him.


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