She wouldn't let me go to bed?

So my buddy's girl friend is pretty cute, but it's my buddy's girl friend. We all live with a bunch of guys, and he is currently finishing school 3 hours away, usually comes back on weekends. Any way we all usually go out as a group, his girlfriend is 4 years younger and we hang with her group frequently too. I know some of her girlfriends like me, sometimes I think maybe she does too.

Last weekend, he stayed at school (three hours away) and her and her girl friends came out with us guys. At the end of the night she came back with all of us, and her plan was to crash in his room at our house I guess. So me her and two of my other buddiesa are up wasted joking around having fun. I decide to go to bed because I'm so drunk. She keeps come back to my bedroom and banging on the door. I get up and answer it and the music is blaring, she says something I say "huh?" and she gets on her tippy toes and talks like inches from my mouth, my buddies were right around the corner so it was weird. I went back to bed and she kept coming back and banging on my door again to get me up. Did she want in my bedroom or something?? LOL


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  • She was intoxicated and probably lonely because her bf wasn't with her. Don't assume she had any bad intentions (like cheating), she probably didn't want to go to her bfs bed alone, so she tried to stay up and talk to someone.

    • Agreed. the other guys were up with her joking around and she kept coming back to get me up?

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    • They are safer than me..

    • I don't know, maybe she just wanted all of you up together.

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  • All your guy friends' girls are always off limits. She should not even be a thought in your brain. She's taken so leave her alone. Find someone who is available.

    • Uh well... what was she doing.!

    • It doesn't matter what she was doing. She is strictly off limits. Even if she breaks up with your friend don't allow yourself to get caught up in her web. There are plenty of other women out there.

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  • Well she was too i guess? That's why she was acting like that... There is nothing more to the story...

  • Yep she wanted to bone ya.

    • Even with my two other buddies there? They are good friends with her bf too

    • Or flirt with you and didn't really have a clear plan. heh

    • That seems about right! lol thanks

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