Lost the girl number 30. What is this? Low confedent? Shyness? Bullshit? Or what?

I was in the supermarket and 3 girls was making eye contact with me I make eye contact with 1 of them only the girl looked like ready to talk but I went outside to wait her until she finish then talk to her I didn't like to talk her in the supermarket. Ok she came outside but!! My mind hold me !! Why? Bc I dont have stable job yet and I can't drive my car and I can't work yet I have little problems wating to solve it so my mind told me what you doing dont you see her fancy car?! Her fancy handbag but my heart was telling me dont waste the chance as always but in the end I let her go I'm really disapointed and I had same experince around 30 times with different girls now I'm ready to change if this what I should do. I dont want to be lonely but my mind telling me wait until you fix your problems damn this could take a year or 2 so should I be alone until I fix everything?!

im sure I dont want be alone but my problems hold me and my mind.

Help what should I do?

Excuse my English :)


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  • If you don't take the chance, you won't ever see how it goes. You can take a year to "sort everything out" but you're assuming that those women would need your life to be in perfect order, to want to date you. But you could be married and then lose everything and shit goes wrong, but that's life. You could have everything together and be dating a women and then something terrible happens to you out of your control, should she leave you? Don't think about what you THINK women want from you, and just give them the opportunity to get to know you :)

    • So would you date nice decent guy but he have problems and not fixed yet? I won't ask you pay any date and I won't ask you money. What you think? Would you wait until I finish my problems? I mean if we fall in love would you wait until I fix my problems?

    • Every struggles at some point, but I would care more about him being emotionally stable than him having his life in the ideal state he wanted.

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