Guys, what am I doing wrong?

I am 17 and have only had two boyfriends, three relationships (dating one twice) but not lasting for very long. Longest was almost a month.
I broke up with one because I thought he was cheating and the other because I felt like he was going to break up with me, so I guess it was my way of "getting ahead."
I honestly cannot get a decent guy to save my life. The only guys I tend to attract are the weird ones and the guys I've met on the Internet, probably only because I only let them see what I want them to.
People have said that im pretty (although I don't see it), but I feel like my lack of prettiness might be a factor. I don't have what guys would picture a "perfect" body either, im skinny but not fit with like no boobs and kind of a butt but not really.
I guess I also get sassy and I get pissed quick as well, like when someone says a stupid remark and I get loud and prove them wrong. My sassiness I feel like is my way to cope and not act a fool around attractive guys and my arguing might look like I think im better than everyone else(?)
I know this is extremely vague but need help. I know that im only 17, but if I need to change something, I want to do that now since I actually have time to do it.

Maybe another question is what do you (guys) like and dislike in a girl?
Thanks to anyone who answers


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  • Yeah that sass, calm that a little bit. And don't feel about that only two boyfriends thing. I've only had one girlfriend and had sex with one other girl so I'm basically right there with you.

    Last question. In a girl the big things I really want is trust, her love, her being able to love me for who I am, understanding, just a friendly caring girl. Biggest thing I'm scared of is her being a very big double standard, changing on me, and choosing herself off from me for stupid reasons.


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  • I feel that if you work on arguing less and toning the sass a little bit things could go better. You just have not found a guy who likes you for you, but I imagine you will.
    I have had ONE girlfriend so do not feel too bad.

  • Arguing doesn't make you better! , sometimes you have to accept that topic is too small to argue or that front person is too stupid so first start staying calm.
    Second you look like making lot of assumptions about everything stop doing that... Don't be so conscious of what to do or not.. Play it casual.

    Nd last I m not god haha.. M just saying I can be wrong in this.. So decide wisely :)

    • Bcz some people start changing themselves bcz of their stupid assumptions or on some stupid advice. everybody is diff

  • You should have confidence in yourself. If you can't respect yourself, how can you expect others to do. Have faith and be with one guy. Guys like girls who trust them and whom they can trust.

    • Thank you, and I do respect myself, but I guess not much. I feel like I haven't given myself a reason to and somehow I feel like a guy will help me achieve that. I know it's stupid and that's not how it works, but I can't seem to change that mind set, no matter how much I tell myself to.

  • there's really no wrong answer, you just ain't found the right guy yet


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