Is it alright if I feel bitter and depressed because I never been in a relationship and keep on getting rejected?

I'm 21 and most people already have been in a relationship of some kind. I'm trying to develop myself by being more positive, adding a sense of humor, and appearing more confident, yet no luck. I feel like I have really bad luck in love. Is alright to feel frustrated at my situation and bitter?
I really want to experience a relationship not just because others have, but I'm really curious. I feel like my time will never come. I can't imagine it.

Again, thanks for letting me know it's alight to be 21 and never been in a relationship. I feel somewhat better. =)

It's just the desire to be in one and never feeling like I'll ever find someone that will love me for who I am. That frustrates me.


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  • Maybe if you were over 30... otherwise, in my opinion, I find it just whiny. There's more to life than relationships. Who cares if others have been in relationships, your time will come.

    • Sure it seems that your time will never come, but that's because it's hard to know what change will be like until it happens.

      Just so you know, I'll be 24 in May and I've never been in a relationship, or even kissed... but I'd rather focus on careers than being upset about something so small.

    • It does make me feel better that I'm not the only one who hasn't fond love as well. I also have a career to build as a mathematician and physicist. I spend most of my time building it, since it's the only thing that keeps me moving or else I would kill myself out of boredom of life and depression.

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  • You are in a better position than I am, as I am 30yo and I have never been in a relationship. Truth be told, when I was your age, I wasn't interested in a relationship but I am not. And like you I am finding it very difficult to find someone. A lot of people your age (men & women) are still immature and are unsure of what they want in life. I know that it is hard, but try not to be bitter, and make sure that you hold on to you positive outlook and sense of humour, and get socially active and you will meet someone in due time. Don't rush it.


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  • Yes that's ok. I'd be pretty pissed off too.

    Just hire a prostitute, seriously it's probably actually better than having a relationship because you dont have to do any of the other shit.


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