Should I bother with my ex boyfriend?

I started dating a guy in February , I genuinely really liked him. One weekend I was meant to sleep at his , I don't have a clue which area he lives in and he expected me to make my own way there. He was basically being too lazy to just meet me in our local City and then get the train together to his. I immediately told him I wasn't doing it, he lives in a rough area and I wasn't going to put myself at risk.
Things got a little rocky for us but even two other people who are both mutual friends to us said he was out of order.
When I confronted him about it to try and sort it out he commented with 'I thought you was mature enough to make your own way here'.
I asked several people whether they thought I was being a little over dramatic and every single one of them said ' no, he's out of order'
later that week I kept trying to talk to him and he was reading my messages and then deliberately ignoring them. I ended it because I cannot stand ignorance. He said ' I didn't message you back because I was busy'. The day/ night I ended it this is what he did:
- Told all his friends that I was possibly bipolar
- said ' omg, she's messaging me again'
- he had a little party at his and let everyone know our problem.
- bad mouth me to everyone there
I know all this because my best friend was at the party and she told me everything.
So basically when he said he was busy it was lies, he was just being an arrogant nob head. I explained to him that I'm definitely not bipolar and id appreciate it if he didn't diagnose me with illnesses and also I was moody because I was on my period..
he then let several people know I was on my period, I felt humiliated.
He then got his friend to message me being abusive.
He then started making out to everyone that I had cheated on him when I 100% didn't cheat on him.
Basically if I'm with him I can't hang around with bi/gay girls or straight guys otherwise I'm cheating -_-
my friends are saying get rid of him.
he now wants me back, should I or should I pan him off?
Also when I broke up with him he made out to all his friends that I just wanted to get rid of him which wasn't the case, he knew full well I couldn't tolerate ignorance from him.


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  • This asshole does all of that to you--smears you in front of his friends, has one of his punkass bros message you rudely, lies to you, and acts like a little bitch---and you're asking if you should take him back?

    I personally wouldn't. I don't deal with pussies nor do I have time for them. I would IGNORE him and move on.

    • I actually told him he was being a little bitch about everything.
      This is exactly what everyone is saying, I know the answer.
      I just needed clarification off strangers , thanks :)

    • You're welcome!

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