What do you think are qualities of a good woman?

So basically this.... What would you define a good woman to be and do you feel being a good woman in a modern day world is beneficial. This is for both guys and girls to discuss xx


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  • Greater question your asking that is being a good woman in today's modern world is beneficial?
    To whom it is beneficial you have to think this first.
    My point is yes being a good woman/man is a good thing mainly being good is more important because you are going to be a mother of your kids so you always have to be good role model to your kids so beeing a good woman is always good until this plant filed with robots.


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  • Moral (subjective).
    Sensitive to a degree.

    I think I'm "good", but I can be a very cold heartless person depending on the person. So some people may not consider me "good" for that. They might think that a "good" person is always like that. I don't.


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