Does this guy like me or I am just one of many girls he flirts with?

This guy has a clothes shop. He was polite and nice, and also kept saying I am beautiful. There was a moment when he was helping me with the coat and it was weird... like there is sth nice between us. I am not dating him but he said it would be nice if I visit for coffee. I know he probably says nice words to other women but I felt he was genuine.

Do I go or ignore it ?


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  • No, Don't 'Ignore it...'Take him up on his gracious offer 'For coffee' and see where it goes from there...
    He may say 'Nice words to other women,' but may not ask every Sally and Jane for... joe.
    Who knows... if you both get to be an item, you may not have to buy another thing from him again... first see if he is this 'Salesman' though.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks girl

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    • Have a great day :)

    • Oh, you too!! And Happy Easter too!:)) xxoo

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  • if he's a SALESMAN then he ws helping you with the coat because that's the code of his job basically.. not because he likes ou...;-)

    • I don't mean helping me with the coat. I mean when that happened during that. I felt he was too close physically and he was smiling. Then he was looking at me in the eyes. He also touched my back many times

  • Guys flirt with many girls for a reason, don't take it personally.


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