Did I scare her away? or did she just move on with her life?

kind of a long story to explain but was friends and sort of dated this girl last couple of years but it was one of those relationships that always seemed to have a lot of issues and never really worked out . she used to work at this golf course in town and seemed to be doing well at that job and had been there a couple seasons . even though we were fairly close i had never been to her work before last summer . i went there a couple times and hit golf balls at driving range and had a drink in club house where she and a gf worked . but it was sort of awkward at times and although she told me she worked there she didn't like invite me down .

anyways i saw online today , a help wanted add for the golf course , looks like there hiring all positions and an all new staff for this year , its a fairly small course so didn't have a lot of staff so likely most from last year aren't coming back if there looking for new employees . i guess i'm wondering if she like moved on with her life and found another job somewhere else ? or doesn't plan on coming back here this summer as she's currently away at school , its a small town so not a lot of other jobs here close by she could work at . or i like what exactly she is up to


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  • She moved on.

    • she's at that age where that is a strong possibility , she'd be done her fourth year of university so might be graduating or looking for something more of a career option by this point

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    • You will lose her forever then.

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