"Modern" dating - especially amongst teenagers

So I'm wondering what other people think about "modern" dating. It's been really bugging me lately! Not because of anything personal but instead because how many of my friends [whether from my old private Christian schools or secular music venues now] are into it but it just doesn't seem to be working.

I'm talking mainly about people automatically "going out" [being in a "relationship"] without really getting to know each other and being in one short "relationship" after another. Also this whole girls-asking-out guys thing...where certain girls ask out guys all.the.time like it's no big deal, and then get devastated when and wonder why the guy either dumps or doesn't seem that into them. Oh and how almost every teenager thinks or claims that they're bisexual for one reason or another.

Okay that's just my little rant and I'm wondering what other people's opinions are.

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  • Lol. I especially agree with you about the overreacting to breaking up and the bisexual thing.


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  • Everyone is different, so to each their own I say. And if someone thinks they're bisexual, who am I or anyone else to disagree?

    • But it seems like almost every young person nowadays is just the same...and it's not really working...[divorce rates, single parents, etc.]

  • I think it's retarded to think that you have to get to know someone before you date... that is the problem in my eyes with modern dating... You date to get to know someone on a personal level. Your not getting engaged or anything.

    I don't like being told "as friends" and like I have to work super hard to date her... and then like if I never get to that point... and she finds some guy that she instantly wants to date.. she can just toss me aside.. and date him because we were "just friends"... Well that's what happened to me.. so I try and stay away from girls who "wanna just be friends to get to know me first". I think that's why you date someone is to get to know them.. Modern dating has also in my opinion gotten too like marriage or something.. it's not... in the least...

    Idk.. that's my rant. but I voted B.

  • Well I think the "going out" thing is fine as long as its treated like a normal relationship. It's just another way to ask the same thing.

    • Well I mean that instead of actually going on dates or becoming good friends many young people instead just hop into a "relationship."

    • But once they're in that relationship they'll go places right? Another thing to think about is that some guys might be scared of the girl they like losing interest. I know I am, and it's not always possible to take them out somewhere every weekend as a teen.

    • They don't necessarily go on actual dates - especially if they're even too young to drive. and if a girl loses interest just because the relationship isn't "official" then that's her problem and she seems to be an impatient girl [not good] anyways.

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