Girls, can being too affectionate or giving to many compliments be an issue?

I feel like once I have a girlfriend I'm going to go overboard with affection. I will always tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky I am. Always want to hug her,hold her hand, kiss etc. How much is too much. If it gets to that point should I just have her intiate everything so she doesn't get annoyed. I'm on a showing affection/love withdraw and feel I may go overboard lol 😅


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  • This depends on the person, honestly. Some women (like a good friend of mine) loves all of what you said, she craves it if her boyfriend doesn't show affectionate then she gets disappointed when he doesn't. She is currently happy with her very romantic boyfriend, though. I, on the other hand, prefer balance. I'm more sarcastic and easy-going, so I don't really need affection all the time. Sometimes it is nice, though! So, it depends on your lady.


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