What should he say?

So my bf and I have been together 4 years and he has this female friend that he lost touch with about 3 years ago and she texted my bf out of the blue asking how he has been and she mentioned catching up over lunch one day. He said sure me and Danielle (my name) would love to and she said she wants it to be just them two. Ughh what I meant her before and she and I seemed to really hit it off. It just seems odd that she thought to text him out of the blue and suddenly wants to catch up alone with him. Do you guys think there may be some ulterior motive with her? My bf hasn't responded to her last text yet because he doesn't know what to say yet


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  • He should say "sure."

    • Umm why? They don't need to be alone. She is basically being disrespectful by asking to be alone with another girls man. They aren't even close they haven't talked in 3 years. Maybe I would see it differently if they talked all the time. But it just seems sketchy to me that all of a sudden out of the blue she is requesting to be alone with him. We do things as a couple and honestly my bf is going to put my feelings first over another women's. Not referring to family here.

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    • Well IRL most people agreed with me. There is a certain thing called boundaries and respect in a relationship. Shouldn't a bf and gf fill all the needs of an opposite sex friends. Why do guys need to be hanging around all these other women?

    • "All these other women?" Really? One woman friend.

      If fulfilling your "needs" means he cannot have women as friends because of your controlling, clingy, and jealous ways then , NO, he shouldn't be fulfilling those needs.

      I don't care how many similar people agreed with you. Your view is very immature and, mark my words, will be the death of your relationship. But hey, knock yourself out. Control him now. In a few years when you're broken up because he cannot deal with you then remember back to this exchange. Your controlling is unhealthy. You aren't hear for anyone's opinion you're here for validation. If I don't agree with you then I am wrong. You are seeking validation for your position because subconsciously you know it is crazy. Poor you. You aren't getting your needs met because you define your needs as him not socializing with anyone of the opposite sex.

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