If a girl constantly getting attention from guys could me not giving as much attention make me stand out?

I ask her about her and am interested in her as a person. Guys are always complimenting her, going for physical contact, and flirting with her. I dont, I am genuinely interested in her as a person. I'm fine just being friends but wouldn't mind dating if she wanted to. But could me not showing that same interest make me stand out. Could me being interested in who she and not how she looks make me seem different?


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  • It would make you stand out in my opinion and if you're attractive, it would make her more interested.

    I would make sure that you make your interest in her known EARLY though. If you wait too long, she may consider you a friend and wouldn't want to ruin the relationship.

    • We are just friends. I'm just curious about this for future reference. I'm ok just being friends and would only date her if she wanted to.

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  • Yes, definitely. You showing care an you being concerned about the person she is is a great thing


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