Am I doing this right?

Recently (2 months ago) i met a great girl and we've been dating and recently and very quickly made things official. At first i took her out to eat a lot, she complained i was trying to make her fat (i thought she was joking) but when the complaining about going out and trying different food places continued i decided to stop and try something different. We hang out at my house a lot its where she seems most comfortable, mostly she just wants to lay in bed, have sex, nap and maybe make lunch together. its nice but I'm a pretty active person and i enjoy doing things with my partner. i brought up the spa recently she said she wants to go but keeps mentioning the fact that someone drowned their last year making it seem like she doesn't want to go. i also invited her to my sorority formal, she was totally up for it until i confirmed with her that she wanted to go, her attitude changed too "she doesn't like parties" i feel like I'm playing tug of war to get her to do things. Yesterday we went to an arcade with the intentions to bowl but after finding out the location didn't have bowling i wanted to make the best of it and play a couple games then grab some food like we planned. she pretty much refused to play any of the games and the handful of games i did get her to play she complained the entire time. I didn't text her at all that night (last night) i wanted to get my thoughts together so when she texted me this morning asking what she did wrong i told her exactly how i was feeling that she complained about almost everything we do and doesn't seem to want to go anywhere with me. her reasoning was that if she's not planning on going anywhere and I'm not then we don't have to rush things and she's content with conversation and getting to know me. i guess what i want to know is am i wrong in this situation ? i think getting to know someone is experiencing things with them she thinks otherwise obviously.


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