After 3 months of being single, how can I get back on the dating scene?

So split with my bf January. After two months of dating. An had a date February that didn't go well. Since then i have had no dates, kisses etc with a guy.

I miss feeling close to someone, going places an the sweet morning texts. I am a better person when i have love in my life. I would love a nice bf an someone to.treat me.right.

As still i haven't met that someone special who i can't live without. I meet a lot of guys wanting sex only or ones who say they want relationship an want sex date one.

I get sex is important but i want more then that, an i am more then happy to have lots of sex with my bf if he actually gets to know me first an cares for me.

I tried online it's useless. I have met guys through friends, after nights out shops, public transport an Facebook. None lasted though. I like look of guy atm an he seems polite i dont know if he likes me. He is an employee at my local store so i don't know if he is.into me due to nature of his job to be polite to customers .

Siblings have kids an one has partner. Cousin who is same age is having first baby this year. I am in no rush but i want to have that one day.


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  • Just keep trying and be patient. It can get frustrating with all the assholes out there but there are still a lot of good decent guys too.


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  • Learn to love yourself for who you are and stop searching for it, love single life and just talk to people regardless of whether you want to date them or not, the future isn't set in stone and you can't expect to live upto to the same bar as your siblings, yes they may have a family, but that makes you no less of a person

    You just haven't found the guy you connect with yet. Trust me i know exactly what you're going through

    • Not been searching for it at all. That's why i asked the question cus i have no love life atm. Yeah my sis just had a big break up an she has three kids to raise. So i know nothing is set in stone in life. An yeah i agree with that. Will stay hopeful :) thank you

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    • Yeah i work 40hrs 8-5 mon to fri. Yeah in my question i did say in around about way i don't need a guy to add purpose i said it makes me an even better person an yeah i would like a bf. Nothing wrong with that. An as you've never had a gf its hard for you to get how it feels to be in relationship an to be happywith someone. Thats not to say u can't b happy alone butthe best things in life are free.

    • Also i have not said i am not happy with
      Myself. Lol did u read my question?

  • focus on you first. forget everyone else


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