Never been asked out or approached?

Do you think its strange? I'm not really outgoing but i am friendly. Just wondering why guys wouldn't approach a girl.


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  • You are very good looking but have probably decided that

    1. One she is so pretty but there is no way she is single so I will not approch her, I will save both her and myself the embarrassment.

    2. That you are so beautiful but you are out of their league and they don't have a chance.

    3. That there is no way a girl as good looking as you would be interested In me.

    4. Guys can also decided that a girl is really beautiful but I will not bother and automaticly decide that they will not bother because they think the girl will have a poor personality. Us guys run into so many attractive girls that have personality that really suck. I am not saying you are like this at all but just saying what we experience.

    5. Do you spend all your time with ear buds in listening to music because guys feel they are hassling girls if they approch in that situation.

    6. Are you awear of your facial expressions, it is very easy to have a scowl or grumpy look on your face without really realising it. Espically if a person is thinking about something. Be awear of this as it makes a if difference.

    Do you show interest in guys, a girl needs to show a bit of interest if she wants to be approached as this tells guys you are approchable and want to be talked to. You should flirt with guys, smile at them etc to get them to approch you.

    • wow thanks for all that information! To answer a few of your points, I don't think i have a bad personality. I mean i'm quiet sometimes but i'm friendly and nice. I think sometimes i do look angry, not on purpose just my natural face although i do smile and laugh!

    • Ok if you do not have a bad personality then you need to try and show guys you don't. The trouble is us guys get treated badly by good looking girls all the time. Try not to look angry. When you see a guy you like flirt with him or even approch him yourself.

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  • Why won't you approach guys?
    They most probably don't approach you for the same damn reasons.

    • I think i'd be too shy to approach :/

    • Then the guys are most likely too shy to approach, too. Or they're not interested in you.

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  • might have something to do with location , well mean where you go or don't go. often guys feel more comfortable approaching girls in certain places over others. I know I'd feel lost trying to talk to a girl in a grocery store yet at a bar or party I'm ok with doing that. so if your not socially outgoing it be less likely guys try and talk to you.

    • yea i agree but when i do go to those places they still don't talk to me :/

    • thing is at a typical party or bar there is a lot of girls , often there is more girls than guys now days at a lot of bars so a single guy has many possible girls he could talk to. one bar I go to on Saturday night is so full of women I just try and pick a couple top priority girls to talk to and don't worry about others cause its just too crowed and busy

  • Some guys don't have the confident attitude some others have some are to cocky massive ego others shy get baffled with there words when wanting talk to a attractive girl
    Im sure your an awesome girl and attractive but reason being possibly is that guys are to shy incase they get shot down, some like iv said are shy nervous wanted to talk and approach u but had balls to do so.

  • You're a very attractive girl, so I don't know why the guys haven't made approaches. Make sure you're giving little clues that you're open and receptive to contact whenever you're around guys. Smile, laugh, and engage in conversation. If you get in a convo with a guy you might be interested in find some excuse to lightly touch him on the arm, for example, if he tells a joke or otherwise tries to say something funny. That kind of light, subtle touch is very powerful.

  • I generally don't see a whole lot of people getting asked out by strangers. In fact I'd say it's not even an intelligent idea to ask out a stranger. Getting a number is far better, because you can sort of ger a feel for their personality over phone before hand. Most relationships begin elsewhere anyways, meaning at group events/clubs/work that sort of thing. So it should not be too disconcerning at nineteen anyways.

  • They might be thinking that you may reject them.
    There can be a lot of reasons other than that and I have to know you personally to point those out.
    But what I've wrote in the first line is my best guess for you because it happens with me too :P

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  • It's not that strange, it never really happened to me either. But there's nothing stopping you from going up to guys you think are cute and asking them out.

  • Maybe you're fat or ugly?

    • Well i'm definitely not fat, I don't know about ugly.

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    • @Anonymous sssh stay anon , your probably ugly yourself

    • I am you're right! Lol @baarkmann and stop barking!

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