Opinions, what does he want/ think of me?

He asked me out on date about 3 months ago. Since then we have been out on another date and have also hungout and partied together. We have hooked up and had sex a lot too. He recently told me he thinks I'm cool to hang out with and that he thinks we hit it off. He has been drunk texting me more recently, even when he was on vacation (We both drunk text eachother.) there's a lot of attraction between us and we have a lot of fun together. We talk a decent amount but not everyday. But I'm just confused as to were its going. I am starting to get strong feelings for him. We currently are far from eachother (two hours) since I'm at school, so there's distance. I did just tell him that Im moving to the city in amonth when I'm done school, so well be close by. I just saw him last weekend. I was out with friends and he insisted to meet me so he came and met up with us. We ended up kissing all night but I didn't sleep with him nor did he sleepover. I also like hanging out with him and want to get to know him better. What to do? What does the situation seem like from his perpective?


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  • Just keep doing what you're doing and enjoy it for what it is, or, if you're really falling in love, you better tell him now even if it means ending the relationship. You do not want to be strung along, I promise you that.


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