How not to get nervous before a "date"?

I like a girl (were both 16 years old), and i asked her on a "date". It actually isn't a date, were just going to chat for about 50 minutes in a cancelled hour in school. She said yes to the "date" by the way.

So i have a few questions:
1) Im always getting nervous when talking to her, and she noticed that im nervous, and dislikes it a bit. Our date will be on Monday, and im getting nervous now (saturday) already.. Normally when talking to ANYONE im not nervous, except when talking to her. Any tips for this?

2) I should compliment her right? Maybe this is a bit awkward but: she laughs a lot, and i really like her laugh (the sound of her laughing), so should i compliment her on that? Or would that be a bit awkward?

3) Got any more tips? ;)
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  • 1) don't be nervous. pretend she's a good friend. the more you guys talk, the easier it'll become.

    2) compliment her!! I love when my boyfriend compliments me; it shows he really likes me.

    3) make sure you are looking nice that day!

    • Lets hope i dont have a bad hair day haha
      (Yes sometimes my hair doesn't work well together with the gel :P)

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  • You say that it isn't really a date, this is good. I find that when it comes to dating, our guards tend are up (especially for women). And if she doesn't think of this as a date, but rather, just hanging and chilling with a fellow student, she may not be too defensive. I have learned from personal experience, that if a girl is comfortable and feels no pressure or expectations from your end she will be very open. Women generally love to talk about themselves, so you may find that she will do most of the talking and you will just have to listen. But make sure you do listen. As far as settling your nerves go, make sure you are well rested, take deep breaths and remember that you are only talking to another human being. When you do start talking with her, try to keep your cool, and start with small talk and go from there, slow and steady wins the race, so they say. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for your detailed answer :)
      But about the listening part: does that mean that when she tells me something, then i have to ask her something about that, is that what you mean with listening?

    • Of course, this is how you maintain a conversation. Also, she may ask your opinion on something that she had just said, so make sure you do listen. Try not to think about it too much, if you really do like this girl and are interested in getting to know her, the questions should come to you naturally. Again don't over think it.

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  • Don't be nervous, I'm sure that to start with It will be awkward but once you get a good conversation going and become more relaxed in each others presence everything will be fine. Make sure that you look nice, smell good and compliment her, girls love compliments.


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  • Don't have too many expectations.

    Treat your date as if they're a friend.

    Pick a date location that you'll feel comfortable in.

    Nervous Is Good "but not too much" :

    It means there might be something here. No nervousness, while convenient, is bad for the long run. When the nervousness becomes too much, remember that it’s something you want–like being really tired during the last lap of your record-setting mile pace.

    • Thanks :)
      Good tip of remembering that i want her and that i shouldn't be nervous, it helps now already! :)

  • 1) Don't plan what you're going to say, maybe except for a opening sentence, but that's all. Seriously, anticipating too much always ruins it for me and it gets me really nervous. When there's a silence, don't panic. Silences are only awkward when you make them awkward.

    2) Yeah man, any genuine compliment is fine, as long as it's nothing sexual. The smile is a pretty good one.

    3) Smile at her if you can, and look her in the eyes if possible. Even if you turn red. At the very least you can then say: "Hey, I did everything I could."

    Good luck, you can do it!

    • Oh, had ook wel in het Nederlands gekund zie ik nu. Ach ja hoe dan ook, nogmaals succes ermee!

    • Bedankt :)
      Maar haar in de ogen kijken is niet moeilijk, maar lachen is iets anders :P

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