He is not engaged yet ! He says marriage on cards in Dec. ?

So this dude has been flirting with me for over 5 years now. He started while he was in a relationship with somone and now he's apparently about to get engaged but keeps fliritng/playing mind gams. What should I do ? Is he interested ? Is he confused ? Why is he doing it when he is about to get married ? Its all online and I am not in India (he is)


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  • He's neither interested nor confused.

    You're his entertainment when he's killing time on the computer. That's why he does it. When he's not wasting time playing candy crush, you entertain him.

    Just guessing but I'm sure 80% of everything he's told you is a lie.

    Not joking. Not being mean. I guarantee you that's what he's doing.

    • Agree, you're just mindless entertainment

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    • And he's probably been married these past 5 years anyway. Why is he pretending to get married this year? Did you hint that you might visit him?

      Promise you that he chats up a half dozen other women online and has different bullshit stories for them all.

    • He will have several of you on the go (including his bride to be)
      My last guy had four of us strung along. Food for thought perhaps!!!

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  • He is clearly a disrespectful, manipulative piece of crap person. You should stay away from him and have the decency to respect his relationship even if he doesn't.

    • I second this!

    • i know what u mean but why is he marrying when he has no respect for that girl.

    • Just because you would marry someone for a certain reason, doesn't mean others would. He could be marrying her because he believes he truly loves her, or for convenience, it doesn't matter though, because it's not your business. Don't concern yourself with that loser and have enough self-respect to call him out on his flirting and then walk away.

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  • Move on... if he wanted you he would have done something about it. And even so, look how he is treating the women he is with.

    • He will treat you with the same respect. Just be glad that you dodged this bullet!

  • Just leave this is too much baggage and plus those people online tend to lie even more so then in real life.

  • gosh... very good "actor" basically...

    nah/... better forget him since je's gonna get married


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  • If this has been going on 'With me for over 5 years now,' shristi, and 'It's all online and I am not in India (he is),' then apparently, even though he has been 'Flirting with me,' she is the one he is planning to marry, to slap a ring on and wants to walk down the aisle with, leaving you hanging on the other end.
    Who is to say what other games he is playing on his own 'End,' and with getting hooked at the hip, I am quite sure his own Bride-to-be will get his number one day and Ditch this schmo from Idaho after the honeymoon is over.
    Believe me, he will slip up and get his hand caught in the cookie jar.
    Steer clear, dear, he is a player and all talk but no real action.
    Good luck. xx

  • Lol he's just playing with you, don't be stupid and stop talking to him

  • He's a terrible person!

    Block him and find your self respect!

    He is making a fool out of you


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