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I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 months. My boyfriend and I are kinda different to each other, but we click really well. I'm not going into detail. I got in an argument with my boyfriend, and he pulled the "I got nudes from girls and I never told you that because you'd be mad at me." So I basically gave him the devil of myself. I was really mad.. and then we decided to talk on the phone and get things down easy on the table, and talk things out. So I asked why he got those pictures. He was like " I don't know. These girls keep sending them to me and they want me, and I don't want them. I want you." So I was like "Then what the (flying squirrel) ! Tell them to stop it. It's not funny.." and he was like "What can I do to stop them?" and I was like "Block!" and he was like "They're my friends though.. I see them at school everyday, and I'm like "Hi Boo!" and I hug them." Then.. he was telling me how he will never give up on me, blah blah blah. Then on the phone.. I hear "Oh (shizzles) I got 12 photos.." and I was like "12 photos of what.." and he was like "PHOTOS" and I was like "OF WHAT." and he was like "OMG. PHOTOS.. JESUS." All he does is have girl friends. It bugs me. I repeated that to him so many times.. I was suppose to hang out with him today, but then I couldn't because I was moving soon. So he was like "Okay. I'm going to go hang out with Maddy.." So that threw me off .

What should I do??


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  • I wouldn't trust the guy to be brutally honest. All he has is girl friends, then he is going to hang out with a different girl that's not you. Sounds fishy, I would leave before you find something else out that hurts you


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  • you are really pretty =)
    go get a guy on the football team or something lol
    dont waste your time and energy on stupid drama like this

  • Ask him how would he feel if you had received pics of naked guys...


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