How long can a crush last?

How long could a feelings for your crush last? And how long could it take to ask someone out?


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  • It depends. I've had a crush that was as brief as one week, and another that lasted almost all throughout high school. When I go back to my hometown and I see her, I still get some of the flutters. At least for me, crushes seem to die best when you leave the person alone. That, or go on dates with them and realize they aren't your type.


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  • I've had a crush on the same guy for 3 years. I finally got over them because I found things I didn't like about him. And its ridiculous to like someone for that long and not do anything about it. I'm just scared of rejection. I think he knew I liked him but I got the feeling I wasn't his type. He would hint around it in so many words. That turned me off too. He was passively arrogant.


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