Is He losing Interest in me or I am just being Paranoid?

So me and my crush been talking for two weeks. Last week he asked me to come over his house after classes and so we can hang out outside of class. Long story with that I went to his house to hang out, I end up staying the night because he lives 20 minutes away from where I live and I can't see that good at night which I told him the beginning, before coming to his house and also I did not know that why home because I never drove on the highway it was the first time. So staying at his house he was a complete gentleman he did not try to do anything and he mention he has three other bedrooms I can sleep in as well. So after me saying the hanging with him and staying the night I just feel like our converstation or short like last night he text messages he replied was short he text me and asked me how was my day and I replied back letting him know then he replies back saying "Passing out" and I do not see the reason why he text me and then to fall asleep and today he text was short but I don't know it is because he has his son and he distracted because he asked about work and I told how it was and he replied back saying "That Good" and I did not even replied back because I do not know what to say. I do not know if he lost interest in me or I'm just paranoid. So basically I need advice I do not what to do he's 33 and I'm 24 and I just want to know do it seem like he lost interest or I just paranoid.


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  • Maybe he just didn't feel any chemistry when you hung out and doesn't know how to tell you that he is no longer interested in an intimate realtionship, so instead he's just going to slowly stop engaging in conversations and eventually you'll get annoyed and stop talking to him.

    • so you don't think that I am being paranoid, but you think that he lost interest in me right?

    • Keeping chatting for a bit and if he keeps giving you short responses or doesn't initiate contact, then just don't bother with him anymore.

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  • If he lost interest he wouldn't bother at all. Maybe he was hurt before and likes to go slow. Or he is busy and tired. Ask to hang out again. See what he says.

  • I think he just wants to take things slow and is a gentleman.


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