What are your top 5 must haves and deal breakers you have for a potential partner?

It can be physical, emotional or whatever thing you look for in the opposite sex. Do you want someone that is religious? Is not having a college education a deal breaker? I would love to know and will end up posting my list a little later as an update.


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  • Must Have
    1) Job
    2) Good education
    3) Nice personality (weird, fun, funny, sweet, loyal and etc)
    4) Sense of humor!!!
    5) Cutie

    Deal breaker
    1) Personality turns to poo
    2) Cheats
    3) Lies to much
    4) Has a bad record
    5) can't get a job

    • What do you consider a good education? Like a Bachelor's degree? Something more?

    • at least a graduates degree.

    • Does it matter to you what the degree is whether English or Math/Science?

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  • Top 5 must haves:
    1. Faithful
    2. Kind
    3. Intelligent
    4. Passionate
    5. Truly loves me

    Top 5 deal breakers:
    1. Unfaithful
    2. Inconsiderate
    3. Stupid
    4. Shallow or closed minded
    5. Entitlement attitude

    • I should also add that I'd want her to be mature and responsible, I should have put that as number 2

    • That's a really good list. I would say that is very close to mine.

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  • must be/have:
    -sense of responsibility
    -mature open-minded gentleman

    -immature close-minded guy
    -fear of commitment or having trust issues
    -lazy and manipulator

  • Physically.. I wanna be attracted to him. He doesn't have to look like a model but I dont want him to be super unattractive "but he has a good heart." If thats the case I'd let him be a friend. It has to be some form of attraction: sexual, romantic, physical, etc for me to date you.

    Emotionally... I hate emotionally abusive guy. I want him to care about me & love me for me. I want him to be there for me in different ways & be considerate.

    Being religious.. it depends. we believe in the same religion? Cool. he thinks it's a sin to listen to mainstream music? huge conflict.

    Not having a college education.. Hmm but are you employed? Are u working on getting a college education in the future?

    Are you actively working on your own business? If yes to any of these questions then not having a college degree isn't a
    deal breaker.
    Abusive, Cheats, Disrespectful, Lazy, Stressful.


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