How would you feel if someone you were dating told you he/she was married for 10 years and got a divorce eight months ago?

The guy I've been dating for a few months told me this recently. I knew he had been in a serious relationship back then, but I didn't realize he used to be married. I had thought it was a little odd that he's 30, a great guy, and not already attached... but I was not expecting that. He says he's over it now and really happy with me, I'm the best thing in his life etc.... but ten years is a long time, and she left him from what I understand.


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  • Well there is probably no easy way to tell you. So he told you. Now you have some choices:

    1) leave now
    2) take it slowly and ask questions and see how he is, and what he is like. Guard your heart. And again... Take it Slowly! Time will tell you what kind of guy he is.

    • I don't want to leave... I like him too much. I'm just afraid I'm going to get hurt. As into me as he seems to be, he's been taking it slow and I've wondered why, but it makes sense now. Option two is a good plan. Thanks for the advice.

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  • "I know that feeling, I was in an LTR for almost 12 years and it ended 18 months ago."

  • Like oh I don't know about this


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