Was it okay to be mad or did I just look crazy?

Hi, I met this guy through a friend and we really hit it off. We only hung out twice but talked online for two months. We really opened up to each other. He told me about his divorce and I told him how I had battled depression. I then became a bit irritable because my mom was sick but didn't tell him about it. He thought I was pulling away but I just didn't want to talk about my mom. He ended it with my by telling my friend he thought I was relapsing. I sent him a message a few days later to try to open up about my mom but he ignored my msgs. I asked my friend of 14 years to talk to him about it but she refused to. 3 months later she becomes single again and he tells me he is interested in her. She tells me she likes him back. She had been my friend of 14 years and had only been his friend for a year. They through my depression in my face and told me if I hadn't been depressed maybe we would've worked out. They made fun of my mental health issues. They both then blocked me on fb. I avoid places they go because it makes me sick. Did I Overreact? Should I have just been happy? Am I the selfish person here?
Anyone? I could use some advice
So I'm not the jerk? I have gotten treatment and am doing a lot better but I still can't handle seeing them together.


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  • Those two deserve each other

    • Thanks! They were mean to me and then told me I was the bitch for fighting back.

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