Not ready for a relationship?

Guys mostly: would you avoid a girl you are friends with if you really liked her as more than a friend and you think she likes you back, would you avoid her or not contact/respond to her for a while if you weren't ready for a relationship? Or if you could see yourself having a serious relationship with her in the future but you're not ready right now what you avoid her?
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  • I'm the type of person who's all or nothing. I'd have to let my feelings die down so no one gets hurt. So yes I'd take a step back if I wasn't looking for a relationship.


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  • no

    being friends with her is enough for me basically

  • I really like this girl who I'm friends with now but she's taken so there's nothing I can really do about it. But I'm fine with her and still treat her the same. She wouldn't know how I feel

    • It's best left unsaid. I had the same thing two years ago.

    • yeah I'm not going to say a thing

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