Why do I attract so many Indian guys?

I'm a white Aussie girl with a European background and green eyes. I get attention from plenty of Aussie guys but have noticed that Indian guys in particular seem to stare more and are more persistent. I mean most Aussie guys will look but if I don't show interest they seem to leave me alone.

Indian guys on the other hand - in public they will just continue to stare at me for ages even if I give them annoyed looks lol. If I know them personally as an acquaintance eg. at work or something, they don't seem to pick up on my signals that I'm not interested and persistently keep chasing me. Aussie guys are not like that, if you don't show interest they won't chase you (in most cases anyway). Why are Indian guys like this?


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  • you might be a racist... What is wrong with an Indian guy finding you attractive?

    That sht sounds like some Emmett Till stuff man

    Get outta here with that racism...

    • I'm not racist I am just not attracted to them.

    • Yeah so thats it then...

      So cut the crap and stop making it seem like these Indian guys want you or something... They are just like normal guys and like girls etc etc

      In fact theyre the last real men, as India hasn't been brainwashed to be gay or feminine like the West has yet...

      Leave Indian men alone... Go back to sitting at the bar you sad slut

    • Oh I see that you're Australian

      That explains it lol... You Aussies are famous for racism

      You sad pink skinned piglet... Oink oink oink lol...

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  • I have no idea by this.


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  • "I'm a white Aussie girl with a European background and green eyes."

    your first sentence is the answer to your own question.

  • I apologize on their behalf for being attracted towards you.

    • dont be pathetic

      Indians are human too. They can be attracted to girls

      Should we tell black guys to stop hitting on white women again? Because you know they werent allowed to date or even look at white women...

      Indians have a right to date girls... Theyre not some sub species or something

      This sad tramp is just a racist... Dont worry about her opinion cos it isn't valid

  • I am an Indian and I know they do it becz they are just misguided by peers in their childhood

  • ur white with green eyes an a austrailian accent? um yeah im looking at u... lol

  • You must just be lucky

  • Serves you right for being racist.


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