She played me very well and now im depressed. what should I do?

Just before u guys start reading i wanna say that i made this as short as possible plse forgive if there are any grammer mistakes.Im an 18 yr old guy with severly chapped lips(the one thing that is depleting my confidence day by day)and she's 16 and it all started 5 months ago(it even felt like i found my true love because i was in my worst condition) when she would look me in the eye,i avoided her many time but finally i gave in and i started to look back and this continued for weeks and finally i decided to approach her but she would just slip past me with a smile i naturally thought she was very shy...after that i approached her with my friends she did the same thing and later i told her i love her but she smiled and said no(it almost broke my heart) and for some days i acted very serious but now she would try to look more and more(my friends would say she's looking at you all the time ) so i gave up and looked at her then the same cycle its march and at the begining of next month i have my exam i actually felt like i screwed up my finally last week i again tried i'd call she would come...but one day she suddenly appeared in front of my friends and said "what" i asked again do u have feelings for me she said no and then i asked "so why are u always looking at me" and her reply almost shocked me"i looked because u looked" i asked her to come with me to talk privately but she refused then i said "it was u who would start" she said "my friends looked so i looked too.The look with the eyes was fun,just that" so i told her to leave and she left...i never felt so empty in my life it was more painful the last time when she said no "i came home and cried that day.i just dont know why i always felt so romantic about her" but this time i did not feel sad it just felt so bad that i let this girl to fuck up my life and the time that i lost would never come back and the regrets are haunting me....i finally felt that all she might have wanted is


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  • You should get over her. Focus on school, friends, and hobbies.

    You were basically fawning over a girl you had virtually no relationship with. From what I read the only basis for a relationship you had for this girl is looking at her. What kind of relationship is that? This is bad. It's unhealthy to put someone on a pedestal when you don't know them very well.

    From now on you should think of meeting girls as an opportunity to know you. Not the other way around. This will take some practice but you will go in meeting people more confidently once you get the hang of it.

    As for chapped lips, you should drink more water, use vaseline, and exfoliate your lips every now and then using your toothbrush.


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  • You gotta get over it and move on, easier said than done but its both possible and quite necessary.


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