Break/Pause in the relationship?

Been with my girlfriend for a few months now (both in mid twenties) and everything was going great. We spent a lot of time together and even introduced each other to some our family members, did all the things that a new couple would normally do. We both come from past relationships where we've both been hurt in the past and we didn't really get the chance to overcome those obstacles before we jumped in a relationship together. She told me a few nights ago that she feels thats things happened too fast for us and that it would be best if we took a break or put a pause on the relationship until we get our past stresses sorted out so there wouldn't be a strain on our relationship. She still says and tells me that she's in love with me, that she has feelings for me, and that I'm still her guy. She told me that there is no one else involved in our relationship and that she feels that she just needs her space to clear out all of the extra baggage that she didn't get to clear before we started dating. We both agreed that we wouldn't see other people and she isn't sure of the duration of the break and I did tell her that I won't wait around forever. I don't have any bad gut feelings about this at all and I feel that she is being truthful to me with her words. Are breaks in a relationship normal and should I just give her the space that she is asking for and leave her alone? Is all she is asking for a break and nothing more than a break? Meaning when she is better we will resume our relationship. Any help or advice is appreciated.


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  • she got into the realtionship too fast without dealing with her last one. That's bad news. A "break" is a break-up. Either she is with you or she isn't. Don't let her lead you on with "I just need space right now". If she doesn't feel comfortable with the realtionship and what is happening between you then she should have the decency to end it clear and cut, not drag it out. You shouldn't wait around to see if she "figures her stuff out" and then decides to be fully invested in your realtionship again.

  • My boyfriend and I are currently in the same unfortunate situation. Whether or not it's normal, I have no idea, but if she's asking for a break with the intentions to figure things out chances are that's exactly what she wants. Regardless, you should still set rules for the break such as if she were to be with or consider being with another person she has to tell you and so on. Trust me i know the whole situation sucks for lack of a better word, but taking a break has been the best thing for my relationship. I hope everything works out for the best, but just relax for now and let her have her space.


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