My boyfriend always read my text messages?

My boyfriend always read all my text messages. I hate it, so I put a password lock on my phone. For some unknown reason, he always know my password and read all my text. I don't know why. I changed my password multiple times but he always know it! And he doesn't even hide the fact he reads it, he said all my texts with my guy friends out loud when I get mad at him about something. He memorizes it! :/ I told him to stop reading my messages but he just laughs and giggles, and do it again. Wtf? Isn't he being creepy? How the f does he know all my passwords?


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  • Umm why not simply delete the messages OR keep ya phone on ya at all times? WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS you could always carry the battery with you

    • I use iPhone can't really take the battery out of it lol.

      I don't wanna delete all the text every single time I text someone. I might need to re-read it sometimes.

      Because when I'm at my place or his place I just throw my phone everywhere. Most likely he reads them when I'm sleeping though :/

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  • He sounds possessive. I would suggest you start putting your foot down because that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

    Also how do you choose your passwords? You might be making it something obvious. Also do you put in your password when he is near by he might watch you or go by the fingerprints left on your phone.

    • I make sure I choose very random passwords instead of my birthday or our anniversary because I know he will figure it out. I didn't notice his glace at my hand when I typed the password in though... he can't be that childish..

    • Then he is probably going by your fingerprints left after you type your pin. I would suggest wiping your screen after your done so he can't see your fingerprints.

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  • You should ask your bf if he trusts and respect you cuz it sound like he doesn't. In order to have a successful relationship there must be level of trust and respect the same way he has friends you have friends that you text or talk to. You need to tell not ask your bf that it isn't acceptable behavior that he needs to respect your privacy cuz this is a form of possessive behavior which can lead to physical and emotional abuse. I've seen this behavior many time and it does lead to some form of abuse. Ps when you put a new password add extra numbers and letters both when he not around or looking.


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