How do I know he still wants to be with me?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 10 months now.. during the first few months.. he makes more effort in planning dates.. is more affectionate and romantic. After a month of him chasing me.. i said yes to be his gf.

Now, he seemed to be in a comfort zone, and i feel we hang out more like friends. I do more of planning dates, making scrapbooks, getting, expensive gifts etc. He does buy me gifts though..not necessarily on things i like (although i told him what i like) and they are usually cheap store gift. I feel that there is a discord here since he spends expensive clothes/gadgets on himself. We take turns in paying for dates.

I hv asked whether he wanted to date others.. he said no.


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  • Now that you are Both Exclusive and Official her, dear, he has put himself in this 'Comfort zone' with you, and the relationship now feels like A------Friend Zone.
    The fun is over, the 'Chase' is over with Him having grabbed this apple up at the very top of the tree hardest to Get to Eat as his own special treat. So now that he has you in his hand basket, to sort of speak, he can sit back, kick up his feet and know that you are the one who now Does----More of the planning. In other words, he relies on you and takes this for granted, among other things.
    As far as his being a tight wad and never forgets himself, he probably figures it is okay to Nickle and Dime you and this is selfish in a way especially because he thinks of himself in... another way and that is First on his 'Love me' list.
    There is probably more in store with a 'Discord here' and 'More' you will learn about him as you go along another '10 months.'
    Good luck. xx

  • Well of course he wants to be with you, he obviously loves you if he did all the chasing. but make sure your not boring him. Spice things up a bit. Make kiss him more or just have more sex then you and him usually do. Show him your worth being with. He's maybe bored with the relationship and wants to express other feelings with you.


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