Is he honest with me or just being nice?

So i confessed to this guy. We are not on speaking terms. Just bumped in the hallway or something like that. He said to me he is not ready for any relationship n planning to marry after he finishes his housemanship for 2 years. But he likes to know me more he said. But the main reason i told him i like him in the first place because i want to know if he is interested or not. He seems like he is not interested in me. So i said to him that thing n ask him of he is being honest with about knowing me more or is he just trying to b nice. Polite rejection. I like this guy for a very long time. Being told no is like depressing to me. He said he really do want to know me more. Am i stupid for leaving.


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What Guys Said 1

  • "He said he really do want to know me more"<------ that means he's interested basically... no?

    • Im stupid then. That is so sad. I just missed my chance.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you want More in Store Today and there may be no chance with romance with him tomorrow here, dear, then No------Not stupid for leaving.
    However, nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes as we all you, and with giving him a 'Chance' to nurse and nurture a possible partnership with his 'He said he really do want to know me more,' is telling me he would like to... know me more.
    However, if it 'Seems like he is Not interested in me' and you have the feeling that Honest John was just being 'Nice,' then move on to someone who is more genuine and wants what you want and walk and don't look back now.
    In the future, let this little lesson in love in your life teach you that even if an Honest John wants to take it slow and not jump right into a Real Relationship, he may really... want to get to to know you better first.
    Good luck. xx


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