Iv completely lost the 'Spark" in me?

Had a breakup...it wasn't a good one either...he liked other girls and would comment on them like hot, gourgouse or attractive.....

I told him how I feel he said he likes what he likes and other things besides me....

even though I'm not with him anymore I feel so ugly and I completely hate sex cause I don't feel apealling enough for it...and I hate looking in the mirrior I feel so horrible....sex was the only thing that made me feel happy and beautiful.

I want to move on but I feel no guy would see me the way I would want him too.....


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  • I'm sorry that that POS helped degrade your self-esteem. You need to pick yourself up and understand that there are plenty of guys who would be interested in you AND treat you better.

    Judging by your picture, I find you to be a very pretty woman. You just need to tell yourself that whenever you see your reflection, smile, and give yourself some HONEST encouraging words. Also, whenever a negative thought enters your head about yourself, immediately counter with a positive.

    That immature loser wasn't worthy of you. You will meet a MAN that cares for you heart, body, and soul.


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