Why is approaching every hot girl, labeled as desperate?

This insult isint that common but i hear it occasionally.

"You approach every girl at our school, you're desperate"
or "you approach every girl at work, you're desperate" (work = part time at a grocery store, nothing big and professional)

Can someone tell me why people think it's a bad thing to hit on every girl you find attractive and why it's labeled as desperate? Do these betas not realize how often girls flake/whatever. Am i supposed to look at a hot girl at school and say "Oh well I've already hit on enough this week, better not approach"

Any input?

I understand approaching genuinely ugly girls as being desperate, but every hot girl I have class with/see/work with? Heck yeah im gonna do it.


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  • Possibly because you're approaching EVERY girl in the hopes of getting something. That's what some people think.

    I don't see it as desperate automatically. Maybe a wo/man doesn't care who they approach and if someone interests them, they go after it. I don't see it as a big deal.

    I'd only see it as desperate if a wo/man is doing it for sex or because they're tired of being lonely. How can you know that--though--if you don't know the person doing it?

    So I don't judge.

    • I mean it's not EVERY girl, it's EVERY girl i find cute/hot/attractive. Isint everyone tired of being lonely and wants to find someone to settle with? Well thats part of weeding through the flakes/not interested aka approaching every girl i find cute

    • 1) Same thing to me.
      2) Nope. I might be interested in having a boyfriend, but I wouldn't ever approach a man and would rather go for women (if I was desperate for some attention) or simply be alone.

      I understand your reasons, but I'm simply supplying reasons why people may think this way.

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  • How do you approach, what do you say?

    I'm social and talk/get to know girls all the time all over the place. Then I'll date them as I get to know them and find a girl truly attractive (personality-wise, as well as physically).

    Some guys just go after every girl thinking real life is like Tinder, that's definitely desperate.

    • What if its every girl i find attractive?

      and my approach varies based on the location honestly. i haven't done a cold approach yet but i wanna try sometime

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    • Oh gotcha. Ya I don't know, betas are betas. Disregard them.

    • i will say though the way you approach/talk to a girl definitely depends on the situation. Cute girl walking down the street you may never see again? Definitely number close within minutes. A girl you see every day? maybe slow it down a little and get to know her first

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  • Think of it like this:
    Which shows better marksmanship? Hitting a single target in the bulls eye with a pistol or throwing a frag grenade knowing that you're bound to hit something with the shrapnel?

    • What if all those somethings were hot girls? All 8s and above?

    • Still desperate. It makes it seem like you can't be without and are in need if them.

  • For some reason girls don't like that, they shouldn't care if she rejected him.


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