How can I tell if the guy I'm seeing is seeing someone else on the side?

I have been seeing this guy for almost a month now, I was told he was married. I questioned him about it and he says he's been separated for 3 years. He doesn;t talk to me on the weekends and when Monday comes he textes me, and says he;s been sleeping. We spent the night together Friday night and last time I heard from him was Sat moring at 9:00am. He's done this two times in a row,. He says he love sme but I feel like something isn't right. He tells me I should listen to him and not otehrs. I am not sure what to think and do .


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  • No weekend communication is a red flag if it's consistent, if your senses are telling you something is off, in my experience it's usually right. It may not be negative, but something is surely off if you think it is

    • I found out that he belongs to some underground fight club on the weekends. Plus he's still dealing with going through a difficult divorce. I'm so confused and not sure to do. I love this man and I want to trust him and the things he says. Thank you for your comment.

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  • Follow your instinct.
    his previous status shows he's separated, do you know the reason behind it? if cheating is the reason, then probably he will do it or is doing it again.

    • NO, he's getting a divorce because of her cheating he says. It's hard to tell really. I wasn't there obviously. We still haven't had sex yet and it's a month so, I am not what to do. Should i wait until he's divorced or just go with the flow?

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