If we both love the chase, are 'we' ever worth it?

We're classmates, close friends and around 18 y.o. He is one of those highly intellectual yet arrogant musicians and it took us some time before we would let down our guards. We have a lot in common and therefore, the things I stated below can be said about me as well... We've been friends for half a year and yet there has always been this connection of some sort. At parties he would always pursue me but I would always kindly reject him (because I truly do care for him and I will be the one to get burned) :). I know he is attracted to me but it's best to keep him in the bro-zone as he is a narcissist and only pursues girls in an attempt to prove his own worth and boost his ego.

He has fallen in love with his friends with benefits but she rejected him, then 'strung him along' for four months and is still keeping him around as a friends with benefits . He is usually so calm and connected that he could have any girl but with her, he acts desperate, creepy and borderline pathetic. Only his close friends would know that he has cried himself to sleep several nights due to desperation and the sudden lack of control. He won't give up, though. His ego is too big for such defeat.

Even though this description might sound harsh, I actually do respect him a lot as he has always been honest to me and it pains me to see him suffer. He is now pursuing me more aggresively; texting all the time, especially at night. It bothers me that he has turned to chasing me in his desperation as I do not want to sacrifice our friendship in his search of escapism. He even uses the location-tracker in messenger to track me down and wonders what I'm doing and then states that 'he is (also) busy', even though I never asked.

We might have bonded dispite both of us being too unstable to create something sustainable. I can barely hug him without becoming his rebound. I truly do care for him and some nights we would cuddle and share our dreams and visions, getting caught up in the illusion.


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