I am overthinking?

So I don't know if I'm overthinking this or what. Last night texting my crush I started the conversation saying "Just wanted to say hi and hope your day is going good" he replies back saying "hey, yours? and that he was heading to his sister with his son. So when I saw that text I thought okay he spending time with his son and going to his sister, then he is going to busy. After I told him how my day was, he replied asking me about work and I told him then He replied saying "That's good". After he send that I did not reply back because I did not know what to say and I thought the conversation was over and I'm regretting that I didn't because I want to talk to him. The thing is on Friday him and I hangout out and I feel like know when he text since Friday it has been nothing but short text messages and I don't if is because he busy because he has his son or he lost interest in me and or If I'm being overthinking everything and being paranoid, I need advice. and He is 33 and I am 23.
The text message about him asking me about work was yesterday and him going to his sister house happened yesterday too.


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  • He has a son? anyway seems like he's not that into you... he's AVOIDING you... not because he's busy and etc... does he shows you interest when you're together? or what?

    • yes when we are together we talk all the time, he will stay all day on campus just to hangout with me even though his classes are done for that day and him and I will stay on the phone and talk for hours about everything.

    • Wow that changes the matter... but he has a son... i mean maybe he's not ready for a relationship or anything... maybe he needs a friend...

    • Well when we are together it seems like he is interested in me more than a friend, just recently when texting it seems really short like on Friday he texted me asking how's work we talking for a like two mins and he texted back saying his passing out and then Saturday I texted just to say hi and he was on the way to sisters and the conversation didn't last long because I did know how to respond to that's good, so it happen after we hungout Friday so yea

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  • hmm to be honest i think there is an age gap , but nothing can stand in the way of love huh ;) , dont over think it , and considering that he have a son mean that maybe things a little hard on him too , just go with the flow for a couple of days and see what happen , if u still feel insecure maybe u think he have something toward u , maybe u should put the cards on the table now.


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