If chose to date an overweight person then suggested they lose weight for health (not for looks) and I'd help them is that bad?

I wouldn't pressure them. I might suggest it like once every year or two. I have no problem with someone's weight as long they can share in the activities I like. I would want them to go dancing with me and stuff at that activity level. I also sometimes see heavier girls and I see they are beautiful but worry about their health. I would want to help them if they wanted but am happy with them the way look. Is it wrong to date someone and then months in try to help their health? Or change their eating habbits for that same benefit?


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  • As a formerly obese girl, I can tell you that she won't Lose weight until she's ready to do so, I know of which I speak. 3 years ago, I lost 175 lbs. I have a completely new, different and exciting lifestyle. That said, I wish I had a man when I was your age that cared about my health. The best way to approach this in my opinion is to YES please date a heavier girl. Like her for who she is in her present state. Encourage her to participate with you in fun activities. when she trusts you she will participate with you and be open to change. Teach by example... Be active, eat healthy, be kind and encourage and praise. I applaud your honesty and openness to date a heavy girl. We are awesome as you will discover! You sound like a great guy. Good luck!

    • Awesome this helps a lot. I thought it could make someone feel bad even though it is with good intentions. I only care about the person and not their appearance. If I'm dating them I obviously find them attractive and pony want their happiness. Thank you and this helps 😁

    • I'm glad I could shed some insight.

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  • I think that's a good thing you're trying to do.


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