Should I text him again, if so what?

I met this guy for 4weeks ago, he works long nights and sleeps most of the day so I understand that he's busy & I've sometimes not heard from him for a few days, so I send him cheeky messages and he usually responds. We get along really really well, have long chats on the phone bout the most random stuff, we also have so much in common!

We ended up finally going on our first date, which went really really well, it ended with half an hour of kissing so no peck & goodnight scenario, this is a good sign right, making out?

I text him the next day, just something cheeky but never heard back which sometimes I don't so I text him again that next day because I thought the message may have come across more cruel (squishing his ego) than cheeky but still nothing.

I've asked a couple of my guy friends what they thought and they agree that it sounds like the date went well and he sounded keen like I thought & they even think they were good message, not sappy over the top kinda stuff.

But I still don't understand, why haven't I heard from him? If he was just not interested he would have jumped straight out of the car & gave me that peck! Should I text him again, I don't want to come across as some crazy chick but he is also the first person I've gotten along so well with in ages, so don't want to let him slip by lol If you see something you want you have to fight for it!

Should I text again, send something cheeky, or mention how I enjoy spending time with him? also is it bad to say your just looking for a fun thing ie not a relationship or does that sound slutty because I'm not keen on being someone's f*** buddy either, that's just low. More just company or very open relationship?

I really dunno what to do? I miss those random chats :(


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  • bless you hun x he might have run out of credit.

    or he might have not realised and didn't want to hurt your feelings.


    X cameron X


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