Need help with this guy who is a bit shy?

Okay so i've seen this guy around school. He looks at me a lot. I noticed him one day and thought he was very cute. my friend introduced us. we texted for a few days. he really likes talking to me and i like talking to him. he was shy and awkard at first but he did open up. me and him are great together. we get each other and its awesome. anyway, he said he wanted to see me. we hung out and texted later that day and the day after. i haven't texted him since and he hasn't texted me. its been 2 days and i miss talking to him but i dont want to text him and bother him. What should i do?
okay so i texted him and he didn't text back but all day today he tried to get my attention. opinions? im really confused


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  • Sometimes guys don't text you just to see if you text them first or not. It's like it clears our doubts that the girl isn't jusy passing the time but is interested in him.. GO TEXT HIM. HE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO TEXT HIM..:)

    • Thanks for the mho.. And what's the progress? :)

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    • thank you so much haha. all my friends were saying the same thing you and the others said

    • You're welcome... And the MHO is appreciated.. :)

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  • You should probably take the lead.
    If he's shy then he probably doesn't really know how he should behave around you and through text (which you've probably worked out already)
    Don't feel like he has to be the one to text first. If you're interested then you should try and show it.

    • i dont want to seem clingy. thats why i haven't texted him. will i seem clingy to him? he always replies quickly

    • 2 Days is plenty of time to wait before texting. You won't seem clingy at all.
      As you said, he always replies quickly so it would be pretty hyporcritical to say that you were clingy

  • text him anyway. Trust me. A girl I knew did this to me in the past. She stopped texting me and following up because her friends were telling her to seem more mysterious. I wound up getting pissed off because I was tired of getting stood up.

  • Text himm...


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  • If you see him you could always just ask if he got ur text

    • the only reason why i dont want to text him again or ask him is because he read it and his phone is always in his hand. im really confused because my friends say that he likes me yet he won't talk to me. what the heck? lol

    • Well just ask him if he got it. There's a chance it didn't send or he just didn't see it

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