I feel dirty because I was kissed by this guy?

A guy I met when traveling for vacation. He is in charge of the schedules and the trip. He is a confident guy and he was flirting with me by text two days after meeting me, which was daring , given his job. I didn't want to judge him quickly, because he may be used to flirting with traveling women . So we had a coffee somewhere and he was talking about his life. He suddenly kissed me and I pulled myself away. I made it clear to him we are just as friends.

This guy then told me stories of his 'conquers' with all types of women. I didn't believe him because he was trying to project himself as a guy who is so charming that no woman can pull away. He is a one night stander mostly. He thought he could kiss me or more...I made it clear I don't want him to kiss me.

I feel dirty. I could have just listened to my thoughts and not see him. I didn't travel to get this shit.

What he told me is disgusting. He was talking of women he made them fall in love even married ones.

I don't want this to ruin my trip. I don't wanna see him either. I will just block him.

How can I feel better?


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  • I'm not exactly sure why, but after reading your post a few times, I feel like you are unsure about how you should feel--that there's a part of you that IS attracted to him and his forwardness, and there's another part of you that is slightly repulsed.

    So which is it? And how can you be so sure?

    • I am disgusted at him.

      What made you think so? I didn't write anything good about him

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  • tell him you aren't interested in men with vaginas, then block him


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  • I'd file a complaint about him to his company management

    • I may do this if he tries to get close.

    • I made it clear to him I don't want him.

    • I would do it after your vacation

  • You could never imagine that he's kiss you the way he did. It wasn't your fault, it was his. So, don't feel dirty, it happened and wasn't your intention. It's doesn't make you dirty.

  • Drinking a tall glass of chocolate milk always makes me feel better. Basically just do something fun to get your mind off it

    • My doctor told me to go dairy and chocolate free for months :) I'll grab a banana

    • Those work too 🍌 😋👍

    • thanks :)

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