I have a chance to be in a relationship. He seems to be perfect to me but I usually mess things up. Any tips?

We started talking today for three hours and we have a lot in common. He seems nice too. He gave me his number and I haven't texted him yet because I don't want him to think I am desperate or something. What can I do or avoid at this point so that we can move forward in this initial phase? Should I text him now, later, or tomorrow as well?


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  • My opinion is don't over think it, you tend to mess up if you aren't genuinely yourself

    • So you're saying that I should just be me?

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    • I feel so alone

    • You need to start finding new men. There are tons out there, no need to worry about one.

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  • according to my experience, you can just send him a message to let him know your number, then don't do anything anymore, after less than a week he will text you and ask you out if he is interested in you

    • Okay, so wait for him to ask me out?

    • yes this is the safest way, and if you do that mostly it will make him like you more, but you should already let him know your number, and let him know that you are available now

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  • Text him the next day. Just start with a simple "hey it's (insert name). What's up?" It's a safe intro that can lead anywhere.

    • Oh and The first step to take to get closer is to hang out. Just get to know him, don't rush him. You can even invite him to hang out first to show obvious interest in wanting to be around him. Good luck!!!

    • Okay thanks, what if he texts back? How long should I wait before I text him back? Should I text him often this week?

    • Text him back immediately if he texts back pretty quick. There is no shame in being on your phone. I'd say it's safe to text every other day or skip 2 days. He might text you first someday and then there is no problem texting him. Just have a casual conversation and try and get to know him! If you get stuck on topics, there are lists and lists of them on the internet if you look them up.

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