The guy I am dating says that its a woman thing to expect to talk to or at least text eachother everyday. Is it just a woman thing?


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  • No. People in a relationship should make equal effort to communicate and make the relationship fulfilling, including trying to meet each others needs. If he is saying it's an unrealistic expectation not to talk with your partner or text daily, then that is an area that you aren't compatible in. If your needs aren't being met, then it's not the right relationship for you. You can express what you want but if he doesn't want the same or he isn't willing to make the effort, then the realtionship won't be a fulfilling one.

    • thank you. i feel exactly the same way!!! I told him how I feel and all he can say is sorry I disappoint you. thats all. and this isn't the first time this has come up.

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    • oh. trust me I know men don't change. i won't ever try again to change a man. i will just move on. life is too short and too many fish in the sea. =) thanks for the input!

    • You've got the right attitude. People can grow on their own, but once you are wanting your partner to change to fit your expectations, the relationship should end.

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  • BS... he's just using this as an excuse to say he's not interesyed ;-)

    • I think so tooo!!! thank you. sometimes he can go weeks without texting me and when I text him some days, no response at all. or very short answers. I don't think I am asking too much of him. one time he even told me I am too needy, which hurt and isn't true by the way.

  • Women need more communication than men. Women also talk more than men on a daily basis.


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  • No. I am not a talker/texter I can go forever without texting.

    I've had guys get really pissed that I don't communicate. It's not just a woman thing... this guy sounds like bad news to me.


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