Question about second chances?

So this guy asked me out! I said no because it caught me off guard because he asked me to go to a wedding with him! I later had a chance to appoligize to him! And I'm pretty sure he knows I'm sorry and that I like him! And want to get to know! (But, maybe he doesn't know) I haven't seen him in awhile...well he might be bi-polar I'm not quite sure! (Which doesn't bother me at all if he is or isn't)

my question is! Do you think he would give me a second chance?


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  • I certainly would

    • Well, people tell me that being bi-polar does crazy stuff to you! And they've told me that if people screw them over then they create someone in there head that they are not!

      Not that I screwed him over! I just told him no and walked away! I did appoligize and he seemed like he forgave me!

      I'm just scared that he thinks I'm someone I'm not. 😕 just because of what other people tell me.

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    • Unmedicated bipolars can be very hard to be around sometimes. The disease doesn't make you like or dislike someone. Its all about moods

    • Okay! Great! Thank you for the advice! :)

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  • if he likes u then obviously he'll do!

    • So you don't think he's created a person in his head... like someone I'm not!

      I ask this because of what people have told me about being bi-polar

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