Missed my chance with him, how to fix it! How to talk to boys?

So, I really liked this guy, and I've never been asked out before until he asked me out! I freaked out! BecauSe #1 no one has EVER asked me out before! #2 because he asked me to a wedding! And when I told him no! I walked away! Which was stupid! How do I talk to boys without freaking out.


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  • About how to fix it: just be honest and tell him that you were freaking out a little that he asked you out and that you'd like to go with him to the wedding. You could explain that you don't get asked out a lot. He'll probably understand

    • Okay! Cool thanks! :)

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  • you mean he asked YOU to... MARRY him? : O

    • Umm no! He asked me to be his date to a wedding.

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