We set a day for our date but he hasn't text?

I met a guy on Tinder about 2 weeks ago, he asked to take me out on Friday but I already had planned to go to a gig with mates. To cut a long story short the gig didn't happen and I went out to a club with my best friend and he was there. We kissed, he bought me and my friend drinks and told me he would love to take me out on Wednesday. We were talking all yesterday and he said he hopes Wednesday goes well for us and talked about dates we could go on in the future such as an aquarium and how he wanted to watch RuPaul with me ha. He told me the other day that he was having friends round for wrestlemania but I've heard nothing from him since late last night. I like this guy a lot and I have high hopes for us and normally I'd think if I don't hear from a guy that they aren't interested but everything else says different, I'm confused :/ Should I speak to him tomorrow or let him come to me?
I don't mean to sound clingy by the way, I think it's because I'm used to being in contact with the guy frequently haha


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  • better text him becaue he might forgot it comletely basically!


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  • If he hasn't contacted you for just one day, let it slide. He's busy or working, just send him one message, just one, to say "hey".


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