When we are together we have a good time but the texting is minimal?

Me and the guy I'm talking to text most days but only usually at night when he gets out of practice. And even then its not everyday. I see my friends and their relationships and they are texted all day in school and all night. We go on dates and hang out on the weekends and the end of the night usually includes us hooking up (not all the way) but just recently we've been getting pretty close... The thing is though we usually don't text that night after we hang out.. Its going on 4 months now and i just want to know if this is normal for a guy? does it sound like he's just not the texting type or what??


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  • People's tolerance for texting (or talking, or emailing, or whatever) varies greatly, but think about how else he's treating you and if anything else is lacking. If not, he's probably just not a big texter.

    • what do you mean by if anything else is lacking? like what?

    • If he's being distant or not communicating in other regards, not just with texting. If it's that kind of behavior in multiple areas maybe there is a problem. If it's just with texts, he may hate texting.

  • then this guy's not good in texting basically as it seems...


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